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S1000 fd Follow on from old forum-Firmware update

As a follow up to my threads in the old forum, My S1000fd is now out of warranty and Fuji still not apparently accepting there is a fault on the AUTO settings, with me getting random totally black pictures, and lots of very dark ones.

After putting a photoblog up, which I had complaints about!! someone said they'd tried to buy one and told by Fuji that there was a firmware problem with it. So I went and looked for this firmware and found some updates, well it took a couple of hours to figure out how to do it, but I did it in the end and updated the firmware.  Spent the afternoon, although grey and wet, taking lots and lots of pics round my mothers garden. SUCCESS, not a dark one amongst them. trouble is this usually occurred on bright and sunny days !   HOWEVER

now, I'm getting a red crosshatch and !AF showing on almost every other picture. I know it is grey and wet, but, why isn't the Autofocus working properly now?? I can't remember ever getting this message before. Was it cus it was a very grey day and not a lot of natural light OR

Is this the firmware version that they are putting in the new cameras that is causing the problem the other forum user mentioned ???

Would be interested to see if anyone else with the S1000fd has had similar problems or if any of you experienced camera users can tell me why I am getting the !AF message. Is it something I'm doing wrong??  I tried it also on SP1 and SP2 settings and still most of the pix were out of focus.  Any ideas you excellent lot out here??

Was registered on old site as 2cockatoo if anyone remembers me moaning about this camera previously.

Thanks in anticipation of some good advice

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Date mer, 05/08/2009 - 09:08

Bought the same camera in April, still figuring out the camera and its capabilities but so far haven't had any problems with it. Mostly used the auto setting on it. Wouldn't know how or why to change the resolution settings on it either?! Sorry no help here.

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Date mer, 05/08/2009 - 12:23


I've had 15 Fuji cameras to date, wouldn't buy anything else. this is the only one I've ever had problems with. I'm not a photographer, just wanted something with a big zoom that I could use automatically and with a proper viewfinder, and this fit the bill in every way. But I've lost all faith in getting a good shot with this darkness issue. I just wish Fuji would recognise it as a fault, perhaps it is a firmware problem, no idea

But as said, now the Autofocus seems to be playing up since updating the firmware. Fuji if you're reading these, would be grateful for some advice.


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Date lun, 05/10/2009 - 17:46

my s1000fd will not turn on have put new batteries in and still no good can  anyone help.




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Date lun, 05/10/2009 - 19:25


 FinePix S1000fd Firmware (camera control software) Update Ver.1.05Applicable model: FinePix S1000fd• Detail of the update
The firmware update (Ver.1.04 to Ver.1.05) incorporates the following issues  1) The compatibility with some SD/SDHC memory cards is improved when the internal flash is activated.The firmware update (Ver.1.03 to Ver.1.04) incorporates the following issues  1) Image quality (color reproduction) has been improved for relatively dark portion in whole image area.
2)"Flash with Slow Synchro" function has been optimized in some shooting conditions (e.g. P/A/S/M mode or others).The firmware update (Ver.1.03) incorporates the following issues.  1) The brightness of the captured images when "EVF/LCD mode" is set to "60fps" is darker than that set to "30f/s".
2) Some words in some languages which have error of spelling, are displayed on the EVF/LCD screen.
• Precaution

1. If firmware updating fails, the camera may no longer operate correctly. Please read the provided notes carefully.

2. Prepare an AC adapter (AC-5VX) and DC-coupler (CP-04) or either of the following batteries before updating.
    Fully-charged AA-size Ni-MH batteries (4)
    New AA-size alkaline batteries (4)
    New AA-size lithium batteries (4)

3. Do not turn the camera off, open the battery cover or attempt to use any of the camera controls while the firmware is being overwritten.

4. Firmware updating requires approximately 25 seconds.

5. Once the firmware has been updated, the previous version cannot be restored.

6. If you encounter difficulties updating the firmware, please contact the Technical support & Repair service.

• Preparations
a.Prepare the target digital camera.
FinePix S1000fd (Version 1.00- 1.02)

b.Prepare a formatted Memory Card (xD-picture Card or SD Memory Card)
Refer to the FinePix S1000fd Owner's Manual (p.117) for information on using "FORMAT" in the SET-UP menu to format a memory card.
Note that the formatting procedure will delete all data on the memory card, including protected files. Always copy any important files that you do not want to lose to your PC beforehand.

c.Prepare power supply.
Prepare an AC adapter (AC-5VX) and DC-coupler (CP-04) or either of the following batteries.
    Fully-charged AA-size Ni-MH batteries (4)
    New AA-size alkaline batteries (4)
    New AA-size lithium batteries (4)

d.Prepare the USB cable.
Prepare the USB cable bundled with your camera ready.

• Firmware upgrading procedure
Firmware upgrading has five steps:1)  Check the firmware version.2)  Download the firmware upgrade and the transfer program onto your PC.3)  Copy "FPUPDATE.DAT" to the memory card.4)  Update the firmware.5)  Check the upgraded firmware.

1) Check the firmware version.
Insert a blank formatted memory card in the camera.
Turn on your FinePix S1000fd while holding down the [DISP/BACK] button.
The number displayed on the screen is the camera's "CURRENT" firmware version.   (Screenshot for version 1.00)
Use of an AC adapter is recommended. If AC adapter is not available, please use either of the following batteries .
    Fully-charged AA-size Ni-MH batteries (4)
    New AA-size alkaline batteries (4)
    New AA-size lithium batteries (4)

2) Download the firmware upgrade and the transfer program onto your PC.
You can download the firmware upgrade using the "Downloading the firmware upgrade" link on this page.
• Windows PC users Firmware upgradeFile nameFPUPDATE.DATFile size7.5MB  
 Firmware update transfer program for Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP usersFile nameFPUpdate.exeFile size144KB Firmware update transfer program for Windows Vista usersFile nameFPUpdateV.exeFile size164KB• Macintosh users Firmware upgradeFile nameFPUPDATE.DATFile size7.5MB Firmware update transfer programFile nameFPUPDATETRF.dmgFile size2.5MB
Read the firmware upgrade user license agreement and agree to the terms before downloading the upgrade.

Firmware Upgrade User License Agreement
Windows PC users/Macintosh users
3) Copy "FPUPDATE.DAT" to the memory card.
Before this procedure, the software provided on the CD-ROM bundled with the camera must be installed on the PC.
Both the downloaded firmware upgrade file and transfer program must be placed on the desktop of your PC.
 3-1  Remove all the USB devices connected to the PC except for the mouse. 3-2  Connect the camera to the PC.  * Refer to the FinePix S1000fd Owner's Manual (p.130) for more information on connecting the camera.
As the software "FinePix Viewer" is activated automatically after connecting, this software must be stopped before the next procedure. 3b-3  Invocation for the transfer program  Double-click "FPUpdate.exe" on desk top of your PC
Click the [OK] button on the dialog.   (Example on Windows)  Click the [Exit] button on the window.   (Example of Windows) 3b-4  Turn off the camera. 3b-5  Disconnect the camera from the PC.
 This completes the copying procedure of the firmware update to the memory card.
For the next step, keep the memory card containing the copied firmware update in the camera.
4) Update the firmware.
Check the memory card containing the copied firmware update into the camera.
Always use an AC adapter or fully-charged AA-size Ni-MH batteries (4) or new AA-size alkaline batteries (4) or AA-size lithium batteries (4) when updating the firmware.

 4-1  Turn on your FinePix S1000fd while holding down the [DISP/BACK] button.   *Use of an AC adapter is recommended. If AC adapter is not available, please use fully-charged AA-size Ni-MH batteries (4) or new AA-size alkaline batteries (4) or new AA-size lithium batteries (4) before updating.
Press the [OK] button.  4-2  Select "OK".(The screenshot above is an example of firmware upgrade from version 1.00 to version 1.01)
Press the [OK] button. 4-3  Press the [OK] button.    4-4  Press the [OK] button.
The firmware updating has started.  It takes about 25 seconds for completing the firmware update.     When the screenshot shown above appears, the firmware update has been successfully completed. 4-5  Turn the camera off.
5) Check the upgraded firmware.
Following the procedure in step 1) "Check the firmware version," confirm the current firmware version.
Cf. Please reformat the media before taking pictures.
 Troubleshooting (Error messages and responses)

Juan Garcia Piqueras

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Date lun, 05/10/2009 - 19:33


no se si te ayudara , o si se podra  volver ha actualizar el friware 1.05, yo lo actualize en mi fuji s1000fd . y me funciona de maravilla suerte.pero ten mucha precaucion  porque ya te avisa que si no lo haces bien puede que nofuncione bien nunca. 



Juan Garcia Piqueras

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Date lun, 05/10/2009 - 19:47


A continuación le adjunto un enlace Web desde donde podrá descargar el Firmware para la cámara Finepix S1000fd, también le informo que solo existe una versión de Firmware y que esta es válida para todos los idiomas en los que está disponible la cámara.




-Una vez descargado el archivo de firmware “FPUPDATE.DAT” deberá copiarlo en una tarjeta XD o SD válida para esta cámara, para ello puede utilizar un lector de tarjetas o sino dispone de uno, entonces puede transferir el archivo por medio de la misma cámara utilizando un programa ubicado en la misma dirección Web, “FPupdate.exe”, basta con copiarlo en la misma carpeta del ordenador que el archivo de firmware (FPupdate.dat) y al ejecutarlo, automáticamente se encargará de transferir el archivo “FPupdate.dat” a la tarjeta colocada en la cámara, (en este último paso la cámara debe estar conectada al ordenador).


-Cuando tenga el archivo copiado en la tarjeta, deberá introducirla en la cámara y simplemente tendrá que encender la cámara manteniendo la tecla “BACK” pulsada durante el proceso de encendido.


-Aparecerá en la pantalla una explicación sobre la versión de firmware que tiene la cámara en este momento y si continuamos le dirá la nueva versión que hay copiada en la tarjeta, después de aceptar 2 o 3 pantallas explicativas aparecerá una barra de progreso que le indicará el proceso de actualización. Una vez finalizada esta barra de progreso aparecerá un mensaje que le indicará que la cámara ha sido actualizada y ya puede apagarla.

(en este proceso, es recomendable tener la pilas bien cargadas ya que si la cámara se apagara durante la actualización podría resultar averiada).


-Una vez finalizado el proceso y encendida la cámara, esta ya estará actualizada y podrá utilizarla con normalidad. (El archivo copiado en la tarjeta ya puede eliminarse).


Quedamos a su disposición para cualquier duda o aclaración al respecto.




|| Dpto. Técnico || FUJIFILM ESPAÑA, S.A.  www.fujifilm.es

Tel. 902 01 25 35 || [mailto:tallersat@fujifilm.es]

Juan Garcia Piqueras

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Date lun, 05/10/2009 - 19:50

Juan Garcia Piqueras
Edit respond responding to the comments submitted by piqueras1939 date Mon, 05/10/2009-19: 47 comment below attached you a Web from which you can download the firmware camera FinePix S1000fd, also link I would point out you that there is only a firmware version and this applies to all languages in which the camera is available.


-Once downloaded the "FPUPDATE.DAT" firmware file you must copy it to a XD card or valid SD for this camera, so you can use a card reader or but have one, then you can transfer the same camera file by using a program located in the same Web address, "FPupdate.exe", just copy it to the same folder on the computer as the firmware (FPupdate.dat) file and run it automatically will transfer the "FPupdate.dat" to the card inside the camera (in this last step camera must be connected to the computer).

-When the file copying in the card, you must enter it in the camera and simply turn on the camera by holding down the "BACK" key during power.

-Appears on the screen an explanation on the camera has currently firmware version and if we continue will tell you the new version we copied on the card to accept 2 or 3 explanatory screens appears a tells you how to update progress bar. Completed this progress bar displays a message that indicates the camera has been updated and you can already shut down it.
(in this process, you should have well charged batteries since if the camera shutdown during upgrade might be faulty).

-Once the process is completed and turned on the camera, this is already updated and you can use it normally. (The copied file card already be deleted).

We remain at your disposal for any questions or clarification.
Kind regards

| Dept. technical | FUJIFILM Spain, S.A.  www.Fujifilm.es
Tel 902 01 25 35 | [mailto:tallersat@fujifilm.es]

Juan Garcia Piqueras

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Date lun, 05/10/2009 - 19:52

Date Mon, 05/10/2009-19: 33 comment not is if you help, or you may return has update 1.05 friware, I upgrade it in my s1000fd fuji. and works me great suerte.pero please much precaucion because already warns that if you do not do so well might nofuncione well never.

Juan Garcia Piqueras

Juan Garcia Piqueras

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Date dim, 11/10/2009 - 16:59


I brought a s1000fd in july 2008

took many very good photos until august this year ( just outside warranty !!) when at my daughters wedding it started to take either very dark or blank pictures

no help from where i brought it so i am askinking fuji to look at it to see if they can help

not very happy

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Date jeu, 15/10/2009 - 13:57

Me gustaria saber como te va la  finepix s1000fd .Si has solucionado el problema.

Juan Garcia Piqueras

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Date jeu, 15/10/2009 - 14:00

Submitted by piqueras1939 date Thu, 15/10/2009 - 13:57 comment me would like to know how you'll the finepix s1000fd .If you solved the problem.

Juan Garcia Piqueras